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Kanhiya AdvertisersGet transit advertising in over 250 cities with a single transit advertising agency. Whether it's bus advertising or another format (such as bus stop advertising), transit advertisement space (also known as public or municipal transportation advertising space) -- through a local and national transit advertising company -- is an excellent medium to reach the general public. Transit signs, such as transit shelter advertising signs, are located inside and outside of city - county and municipal public transportation vehicles - stations and terminals (in some cities referred to as MTA advertising or Metro advertising) and are offered at low transit advertising costs. A common transit advertisement definition is advertising on a display that is on or related to a transit or transportation vehicle. Because of their great visibility and low transit media rates, advertising on public transit displays - including an in-transit sign - produces impressions for a transit advertisement rental at a low CPM and a low cost.

Public transit or transportation advertisement signs come in several forms on the inside and outside of city - county and muncipal transit transportation vehicles - stations and terminals - including transit stop ads or transit shelter ads, all of which are listed under the Products section, below. Transit advertising costs, like bus shelter ads costs - such as those for advertising on buses - are low compared to other media. In fact, many studies find that the advertising on transit cost for transit media is relatively low when compared to other formats.

The Rates section, below, will answer the common question of How much are transit advertising costs or rates?