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Kanhiya AdvertisersKanhiya Advertisers is a train advertising company for rail advertising. Falling in the transit advertisements category, train advertising is generally available in two forms: train interior ads (inside train ads) and train station-platform ads.

The train station-platform signage is available in diorama form (backlit train station-platform advertising posters) and 2-sheet form (non-backlit train station-platform advertising posters).

Like bus stop advertisements, all forms of train advertisements - displays - billboards and placards produce substantial commuter views almost seven days a week in various cities nationwide.

The rail advertising posters are generally located on the inside of trains. The rail advertising signs and billboards are also located on the platforms at exits, entrances and waiting areas of train lines. The train advertising boards and cards are used to reach commuters waiting for trains or those sitting or standing inside trains.

Train advertisements are all about impact. Similar to bus ad posters, train advertising posters and dioramas make a big impression in a small space. Contact or email us today to determine how you can take advantage of train advertising boards and cards.