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Kanhiya AdvertisersGet supermarket advertising in over 10 cities with a single supermarket ads company. Advertising in stores with grocery store ads, for example, is a fantastic way for companies and other organizations to reach a particular demographic.

Some of the in-store advertising techniques include shelf advertising, shopping cart advertising, receipt advertising and checkout divider advertising. These store advertising ideas are only some of the many options available for advertising inside supermarkets and grocery stores.

Shelf Display Advertising: Shelf display ads are typically small placards that are placed on products shelves that promote new products or special deals. Advertising on shelf displays inside stores is a great way to make contact with the consumer at the product-selection point.

Shopping Cart Advertising: Ads on shopping carts are generally placed in one of three locations: (1) the display in the child seat, (2) the display inside the front end of the cart and (3) the display outside the front end of the cart. These inserts are large and colorful enough to capture the attention of shoppers while they wander through aisles.

Receipt Advertising: Advertising on the back of receipts (often referred to as register receipt advertising) is a classic way to deliver coupons to consumers. Studies have shown that a high percentage of shoppers retain the coupons or offers on the back of grocery store receipts to use on a future shopping day. For this reason, advertising on receipts continues to be popular.

Checkout Divider Advertising: Checkout lane divider advertising is a common and inexpensive way to reach the shopper in a captive setting. The grocery divider advertisements contain bold graphics and images that resonate with consumers long after the shopping is done.

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