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Kanhiya Advertisers is a subway advertising company that offers subway ads. Subway advertising, a form of metro advertising and transit adveritising, is generally available in two forms: subway interior ads (inside subway ads) and subway station-platform ads.

The subway station-platform signage is generally available in diorama form (backlit subway station-platform advertising posters) and traditional 2-sheet form (non-backlit subway station-platform advertising posters). All forms of subway advertising displays - signage and placards produce substantial commuter views almost seven days a week in various cities nationwide.

Subway advertisements-panels -- like bus stop advertisements -- reach both business persons and the general public. The subway advertising boards - cards and dioramas are visible as subway riders sit or stand on their way to their destination. The subway advertising signs and billboards are also visible in the stations and reach commuters in a captive setting.

Subway advertising displays - panels and signage are great for all types of businesses and government agencies that have a significant message to communicate to the general public. With the reduction in TV viewership, subway advertisements - dioramas and cards, like bus advertisements, should be included in any advertising mix.

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