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Kanhiya AdvertisersKanhiya Advertisers is a street advertising company that offers discounted street furniture advertising and public amenity kiosk advertising. Similar to bus advertising, brightly-lit street advertising signs - placards and billboards reach the general public at all times of the day. What's more, drivers are constantly looking for visual stimulation while driving - street furniture ads are the source of that stimulation.

Street advertisements - placards and billboards are all over the city and are seen by both drivers and riders. Like bus stop advertising, renting street ads - signage and panels is highly popular with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and nonprofits. The street ad posters and billboards proudly display their copy for all to see. And all do see the street advertising boards (such as newsstand advertising). To the tune of over 3,000,000 views every month for about a 15% to 25% penetration level. Specifically, street kiosk advertising displays - panels and cards are seen heavily by drivers in their cars and those walking in the street.

Street furniture ad billboards -- like bus ads -- are used often by advertisers with a specific message for the city. Whether it's for an important public service communication or for the newest cell phone, street advertising signs - billboards and placards make an impact in communicating a message.

Certain displays fall under the general category of street furniture advertising displays because the signage structures contain benches for sitting -- such as bus shelter advertising. Other examples of street furniture advertising billboards include public amenity kiosk advertising, city information panel advertising and newsstand advertising.