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1. What kind of advertising do you provide?

We provide outdoor advertising space, including billboards, buses, benches, trains, malls and more. Links to all our formats are on the left or top navigation bars of any page on this website.

And to answer a common related question, we don't sell advertising on cars.

2. In what cities do you operate?

We operate in over 10 cities across the United States. You can see the list of markets (i.e., which are groups of cities) for each advertising format by clicking on the "Markets" link of each advertising format's page.

3. What's the difference between a "city" and a "market"?

A "market" generally refers to a group of cities or areas. For example, theBathinda City market may include the five boroughs, Long Island and nearby areas.

4. What does the range of rates depend on?

The range of rates, which appears in each ad format's Rates section, is based on the market and timing. In other words, the range represents all the possible rates for all the markets in the United States.

Please call us or complete the Get Free Quote form to get actual rates for your market(s) and timing.

5. What is the minimum purchase requirement?

(a) The minimum period is 4 weeks and (b) the minimum quantity is set forth in the Rates section of each ad format's page. In some instances, a 2-week advertising period is permitted.

6. Do you offer discounts to nonprofit and government agencies?

Yes, we do. We offer discounts to nonprofit and government agencies. Your quote will reflect the applicable discounts.

8. Who is responsible for artwork design?

The advertiser is generally responsible for artwork design, although we offer a design service for an hourly fee. Please ask your account executive about the design service fee.

9. What are the advertising dimensions and specifications?

The dimensions and specifications vary according to the advertising format. You can see general dimensions and specifications on each advertising format's page (see the link to Specs near the top of the page). For more detailed specifications, contact your account executive or email kanhiyagroup@gmail.com.

10. What file formats do you accept?

We prefer high-resolution PDF, but also accept Photoshop, Illustrator and other traditional press-ready files.

11. How do I send you large files?

Files can be emailed to your account executive.

12. Are you currently hiring?

We are always considering candidates that possess skills that match our work ethic and style. Please email your resume to kanhiyagroup@gmail.com