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Kanhiya AdvertisersGet convenience store advertising and liquor store advertising in 10 cities across the country with a single convenience store ads company. Advertising at a convenience store is a great way to reach a demographic that enjoys quick service and effortless shopping. And advertising at a liquor store is a smart way to target a demographic that enjoys beer, wine and spirits and the snacks that complement those drinks.

A convenience store (often referred to as a "c-store") is a small store that is open for extended hours, located in a easy-to-find location, and stocks everyday staple items such as groceries, household items and packaged foods such as snacks. Often, convenience stores also carry beer, wine and liquor, thereby making liquor stores generally fall under the definition of convenience stores.

Companies that see results with c store media include those that sell packaged-goods, beverages and household items. And government and nonprofit organizations that have great outcomes with c-store ads, such as liquor store ads, include health and human services agencies, social welfare organizations and substance-abuse prevention agencies.

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