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Kanhiya AdvertisersGet billboard advertising in over bathinda, Muktsar, Faridkot, Ferozpur, Moga, Ludhiana, Sangrur, Mansa with a single billboard advertising company. Unlike bus advertising, billboard ads - and digital billboard ads - are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a low cost of billboard advertising. To use billboard media through the use of a billboard advertisement means to produce more gross impressions than any other outdoor medium during a given billboard display period. Advertising on billboard signage is the most popular outdoor advertising type among advertisers ready to reach the general public. Competitive billboard ad costs result in low cost-per-thousand figures because the billboard advertising cost for renting billboards is significantly reduced when compared to other media. According to many advertisers, the cost of a billboard rental yields great investment returns -- sometimes even better than bus stop advertisements. Thus, many businesses and other organizations billboard advertise in order to increase revenue or their exposure.

The construction of new billboard advertisements is prohibited in most cities in the United States, thereby making the existing billboard ad locations all the more valuable. Despite this fact, billboard rental rates for billboard signs remain competitively priced. All types of advertisers recognize this value and therefore include this medium in their outdoor ad plan. Advertisers that use billboard media and engage in renting billboards typically calculate the rent-a-billboard cost by dividing the monthly billboard advertising costs by the monthly gross impressions (which are first divided by 1,000) -- similar to the method used for bus ads.

The Rates section, below, will answer the common question of How much are billboard advertising costs.