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Kanhiya AdvertisersGet advertising on benches in over 10 cities with a bench advertising company. Like rental of bus ads, rental of bench advertising signage, including regular bench advertising and bus bench advertising, is affordable and produces impressive monthly gross impressions figures. With the rise of public transportation use, bench advertisements using bench signs are now available in most metro cities. Not only are the bench advertising signs visible to drivers and bus riders, an advertising bench -- like an advertising bus -- is also visible to the walking public.

To rent bench advertising posters and bench billboards means to use a cost-effective medium that is always on -- comparable to bus shelter ads. Whether it's day or night, advertising on benches with a bench ad or bench ads produces views at low bench advertising costs. Indeed, an advertising bench with a bench advertisement produces almost as many views as comparable media.

Similar to advertisers that excel with bus stop ads, advertisers that succeed with renting bench advertisements and bench media on an advertising bench include large corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Whether it's a product or service, a bench ad delivers a targeted message to the general public at a low bench advertising cost for the bench advertisement using a bench sign. For this and other reasons, advertising on benches using bench signs is a popular transit ad method to boost income and exposure to a message.