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Kanhiya Advertisers is a media agency specializing in premiere out of home opportunities for advertisers, with the passion to improvise the outdoor advertising standards in India with strong base of Media assets and belief in organization to craft campaigns that are even successful in small budgetssucceeded to reach target.

Kanhiya advertisers Bathinda Kanhiya Advertisers was established in 2008 as integrated OOH Media Agency after running printing unit equipped with machines of latest tecnology. Presently we have sole advertisement rights for Railway Station, Unipoles, Gantries, Roundabouts, Kiosk Poles, Mittal City Mall & much more in Bathinda City & Surrounding areas.

Our urge to challenge the conservative methods and push quality difference all through with every effort we do..

We don't believe in:

Every face fits in similar sketch

The entire industry wish to change, but few are willing to initiate. The Team @ Kanhiya Advertisers serve every job with fresh thought & it work's well..